{October 5, 2009}   Awww T-Pain… It’s OK

Wow that’s deep. I think T-Pain is really talented. Remember that song he sang with BOW WOW a few years ago? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWFPjfFNlTk <==== In it you can hear the tool he used to change his voice, but you can also tell that T has a voice, he sounds dam good to me on that song. AND who knew the “Pain” could rap, well I did know that already because he talks about being a rapper before he started singing. We can’t front on’em he makes some hits, some straight club bangers. He just acts so foolish sometimes. I think his wife is cute, she looks regular, what does that mean exactly? She doesn’t wear a weave, or a ton of make-up, or like she’s had plastic surgery? As long as he like her no one else has to. He gave her a big shout out in this song. Good for him, more men need to stick up for their wives now-a-days! (unlike Ushers punk ass). Moving oooooooon to the good stuff…. His “apology” to Jay-Z was so unnecessary, maybe he needed to just get it off his chest, but to do it in a song screams publicity stunt. The whole situation seemed like a publicity stunt, but he has confirmed it now LOL. Why is he apologizing? Jay never dissed him in the song! Just because he is sick of everyone over using the friggin autotuner? I mean seriously T-Pain has a lane and a right to stay in it, regardless to what one man has to say about it. Does he not know this??? Hell yeah he knows it, but it’s Jay-Z and a chance for T-Pain to come up off the corney ass controversy he has  created around this one freakin song DOA. WOW! I HOPE HE’S DONE NOW.


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