{October 11, 2009}   Wow! Are you serious Lil’ Mama?

Lil Mama got alotta ish with her! LOL. I was so surprised to see this video, mostly by the look on homegirls face. Lil Mama looked at Beyonce, Jay-Z’s WIFE lol, like fall back. Beyonce know’s her husband booooy, per the look on her face. She just knew that situation would turn out ugly.  I know this story is old news now, but for a second I felt bad for the host of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. She had been saying that she was just “in the moment” and I could feel her. Even though I am from Boston, I almost felt like I was from New York City during the performance. I understood what she meant. I just think that if his wife (practically) begged her not to do go on stage, then Mama should have snapped out of it for a moment, thought about what she was about to do and sat her buns back down. That was her opportunity lol… oh well. 😦


MssThang says:

WOW Bey CLEARLY tried to stop her. Thats crazay

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