{November 10, 2009}   WTF is going on with Katt?!?!?!

katt-mugshot1First of all the picture is insane, I am cracking up!! Katt look crazy, he’s smiling like he is doing a toothpaste commercial! And what happened to all that long luxurious hair of his??? This shit in the pic look nappy and wet like he greased it up to remove a few tracks… lemme find out Katt is wearing tracks, LMFFAO~

Now seriously, what is Katt doing holding a 10-year-old hostage? I know he said he “keeps” kids… but no honey this shit is highly suspicious! He already come off as a bitch, so I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he like little boys… Sheesh this world is coming to an end.

I was wondering why Katt’s Hostage didn’t just kick Katt’s tiny ass down and run but the boy only ten, WOW. Where his parents at?


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